Alter Ego

By Stash

Southpaw is a digital representation of his first sculpture, the immortalisation of his hand holding on to a Krylon spray can he used in 1986. The work represents his identity as an artist and serves as a reminder of his roots in subway art.

The two Alter Egos, are versions of the Spray Cap Man he created for MEDICOM in 2000 that was released as a Kubrick, a rare collectible in the secondary toy market. This iconic character provides a mask of protection and separation for Stash as an artist from his work.

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Alter Ego - Red


Staking Reward

Alter Ego - Blue


Staking Reward



Staking Reward


Southpaw Statue

Cost: 1 Southpaw

  • Material: Bronze
  • Size: TBD
  • Signed Cert: Yes
  • Numbered: Yes

A Bronze Southpaw, Stash's first statue.

Josh Franklin AKA Stash

The Brooklyn-based artist is a cult figure in the sneaker and street scene who counts Nike, A Bathing Ape, MEDICOM TOY, Neighborhood, and Casio as some of his many long-time collaborators. His works have been exhibited at and collected by MoMA, Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Brooklyn Museum. He is best recognized for his iconography, which includes spray nozzles, arrows, and splats often sprayed or scribbled in blue.

Franklin has exhibited with Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Futura, among others, and was the first graffiti artist to go into streetwear in the ’90s. His releases are highly-prized, collected by the likes of Virgil Abloh, Kanye West, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Fraser Cooke and Nigo. In 2019, some of his pieces appeared in a Sotheby’s auction of Nigo’s collection.